Our Visions are to serve Quality Home Made Indonesian Food to all of our customers, to bring home experience to our customers, and to see our customers obtain greatest satisfaction and joy upon leaving our outlets, to attend our customers’ complaints and to response to each individually complain as personally as possible. We are committed to excellence and continuous improvements.

Our Missions are to help our employees increase their knowledge and understanding in giving and providing the best service and quality for our customers, to help our employees achieve higher living standard.

Warung Tekko is one of the most growing restaurant in Indonesia. The 1st outlet was opened in 2008 in Pantai Indak Kapuk, Jakarta. Currently, it has over 20 outlets scattered all across Indonesia archipelago.

Warung Tekko is famous for its “Iga Penyet” and “Konro Bakar Saus Madu” which is friend short ribs with special smashed red jalapeño sauce and Honey BBQ Back Ribs. Smashed red jalapeño is served with different level of spiciness (non-spicy, medium-spicy, and very-spicy). Now, everyone can eat in one table sharing menus but can choose their own level of hot sauce. There are a lot more Indonesia cuisines that are very authentic and innovative that is served which will make you crave for more.

Warung Tekko is committed to a new innovation and to improve customer’s satisfaction.

Welcome to Warung Tekko, where we make you fell at home.

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